I am photographer, graphic designer, web designer and tech junkie based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  My creativity branches out to include my love for innovative music, coffee, craft beer, working out and anything related to health and fitness.

My passion for photography started at the age of 10 when my Dad taught me to use his old Minolta film camera (back in the "stone ages" when film was still a thing).  I still love the feel and unique quality of film that is hard to capture when shooting digital.

After graduating from Appalachian State University, with a degree in Technical Photography, I worked in the commercial photography industry, in High Point, North Carolina, photographing furniture and products for companies including Bassett, Lowe's, Havertys, Verbatim and Sears. In addition to product photography, I enjoy photographing weddings, events, bands, portraits, humanitarian and pretty much anything that can tell a cool story.

I desire to use my photography to change and impact the lives of those I meet and work with. As a photographer I have an innate ability to view the world through a unique lens and I strive to let that influence my art and design. My ultimate passion is to work with missionaries and organizations around the world to support them through photography, design and visual aid. So far I have had the opportunity to work in Nicaragua and Belize, and repertoire keeps growing. 

Thanks for stopping by! Please Contact me for pricing and any other questions!